1) A Real Camp Knife Set

camp kitchen knife set for cooking outdoors
Thrift store knives (pictured) are OK. A real knife set is better.

Obvious, right? But hear us out: a real chef’s knife set is a luxury for the serious camp cook, especially when compared to using little pocket knives. Sheaths are super important to keep things organized (also so you don’t cut your fingers off when you’re digging around in the bottom of your camp kitchen box). We think the Camp Chef Pro Knife Set delivers great value. The carrying case/sheath is perfect for keeping a chef’s mess kit organized while protecting knives and tools. 

2) The Ultimate Lighter

Bic lighters? Matches? Please.

Serious outdoor cooking requires serious firepower. The Soto Pocket Torch XT is the coolest lighter/torch we’ve seen. Extendable, refillable, windproof. It takes a little getting used to, but we love ours.

3) A Cast Iron Dutch Oven

dutch oven for cooking while camping
The Dutch Oven – a timeless (and virtually indestructible) classic

From baked beans to campfire pizza, dutch ovens expand what’s possible to cook at the campsite. Plus they have that classic, cool cast iron vibe we love. Pictured is the 8 inch, but for the serious camp cook we recommend the Lodge 12 inch, 6 quart dutch oven

4) Portable Hand Torch

Yep, we love fire. A portable propane torch, like the Bernzomatic TS8000, is the kind of gadget that really gets attention around the campfire. Use it for s’mores, toasting your mac & cheese, anything. Our friends Fresh Off the Grid even made a Bruleed Banana Oatmeal. And best of all, they work with the little green propane bottles that most people already use for their camp stoves. Cooking gadget level: All-Star. 

5) Pie Iron

pie iron campfire cooking
The original pie iron, the Toas-Tite

A pie iron takes your campfire cooking to next level. It’s like s’mores 3.0. Make every meal, plus dessert. There is seriously no limit to the amazing deliciousness these puppies crank out. 

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