It can be tricky to find great gifts for campers under $25. But we’re here to help – we’ve asked our contributors, hiking partners, and friends for their recommendations. Some items are no-brainers, and some are a little less obvious. Below are 5 great gift ideas for campers, backpackers and outdoors fans, all for $25 or less.

Here are our 5 Great Gifts for Campers under $25 for Campers, Hikers, and Outdoors Enthusiasts:

1) Glow-In-The-Dark Frisbee – $12

glow in the dark frisbee for camping
The Discraft Ultra Star, flying through a campsite near you

We love our Discraft Ultra-Star glow-in-the-dark frisbee. It’s an awesome way to spend time around the campsite after dusk (but it works like a regular frisbee in the daytime). We like playing with our headlamps on, so you can use your headlamp to quickly recharge (re-glow?) the frisbee when it loses its brightness. And if you’re looking for a great affordable headlamp, may we suggest…

2) This Super Colorful Headlamp – $24

Great gift for camper under $25: the coolest headlamp on the market
The Hundred Headlamp, from UCO

We knew this headlamp was cool when our friends kept “accidentally” slipping it in their pocket when we weren’t looking. The UCO Hundred Headlamp is simple, inexpensive, and cool. They have 5 fun designs and real wood inlays. You should probably consider getting two because you’ll want to keep one for yourself. 

3) Upgraded Tent Stakes

tent stakes are a cheap upgrade for any tent camper
MSR’s Ground Hog tent stakes

These don’t have the cool-factor of some gear, but they’re so practical we had to include them. Most tents come with a few cheap, flimsy stakes. They bend or break, and can be difficult to pound in to the ground or to remove when it’s time to break camp. MSR’s Ground Hog tent stakes are a great upgrade for any tent camper. They can take a beating, and the cord loop makes them easy to pull out. Plus they’re colorful and easy to see, so they won’t be left behind. 

 4) Miniature Bottles of Tabasco Sauce

Great gift for campers under $25: Mini Tabasco Sauce
Travel-size Tabasco is a must have for any camping trip.

Most camping and backpacking food is either bland, or too salty, or both. A little hot sauce can make all the difference. These tiny bottles of Tabasco Sauce are fun and portable, and add much-needed spice and flavor to camping meals. You can find multi-packs of miniature Tabasco Sauce on Amazon. Fun fact: Tabasco Sauce is non-GMO, with no additives or preservatives, and is still family owned and operated in Louisiana. 

5) Turn Any Stick in to a S’mores Stick

Great gift for camper under $25: The Grandpa's Fire Fork is a great stocking stuffer gift
Grandpa’s Fire Fork from Light My Fire

Fact: Nobody has ever eaten just one s’more. That’s probably why Grandpa’s Fire Fork from Light My Fire roasts two ‘mallows at once. The compact little device clips on the end of anything stick-shaped, so there’s no need to whittle a new stick or bring a full-length skewer. We toss one in our pack or in our pocket anytime we’re headed to the campfire. Plus it’s got a slick little safety guard, so you it won’t poke holes in anything while it’s in not being used.

What are your favorite low-cost gifts for outdoor enthusiasts? We’d love to hear your ideas (and try out some new gear)! Let us know in the comments section below.

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