Finding the perfect stocking stuffer gift ideas for the outdoor crowd can be tough. The right stocking stuffer has to be unique, inexpensive, and small enough to fit in a stocking.

Below are our favorite stocking stuffer gift ideas for the campers, backpackers, and outdoors people on our lists.

1) The Most Stylish Headlamp – $25

Stocking Stuffer Gifts for Camping and Outdoors people
The Hundred Headlamp from UCO

Most headlamps are pretty tame looking, but the Hundred Headlamp from UCO brings some much-needed style to the headlamp scene. Choose from 5 great designs. They’re inexpensive, useful, and very different from anything else out there. Trust us, you can never have too many headlamps (or spare batteries).

2) Their New Favorite Pocket knife – $40-$50

The perfect pocket knife stocking stuffer for outdoors people
The Leek, by Kershaw

A simple, compact pocket knife is essential for outdoor adventures. We like the Kershaw Leek. It’s affordable, super easy to open, and you can lock it closed so it can’t open in your pocket accidentally. Plus it comes in a ton of fun colors. It’s also great for emergencies, like when you’ve really got to open that stubborn bag of trail mix.

3) Miniature Playing Cards – $8

Minature playing card stocking stuffer gifts
We scored these at a yard sale, and have used them heavily.

Perfect for backpacking and camping when space is at a premium, because backpacks only hold so much. Campers and backpackers love miniature playing cards. They are light weight and easy to fit in your pack, but still great for those rainy days when you’re stuck in a tent.

Mountaineer playing cards.
Mountaineers Playing Cards are a great stocking stuffer for the hard core climber.

More hard-core mountain folk will love these Mountaineers playing cards ($8). Each card includes some fun facts or helpful backcountry tips (like how to poop in the woods, for example).  

4) A Compact, Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker – $36

Great waterproof bluetooth speaker for outdoor adventures
The Buckshot 2.0 Speaker from Outdoor Tech

Most speakers are big and clunky. But the super portable Buckshot 2.0 Speaker from Outdoor Tech is compact, tough, and waterproof. It’s small enough to toss in to a fanny pack with room to spare, and has enough power to fill the campsite with sound. Plus it’s rechargeable, which is a huge plus.

5) The Ultimate ‘Smores Roasting Tool – $10

The Grandpa's Fire Fork is a great stocking stuffer gift
Grandpa’s Fire Fork from Light My Fire

Grandpa’s FireFork is a simple piece of camping gear that can roast two marshmallows or one hot dog. You’ll no longer need to find and whittle a pointy stick, or bring a skewer along. Plus it’s got a clever little safety guard, so you won’t poke yourself when it’s in the kitchen box. Because nobody has ever eaten just one s’more, they come in a pack of two. 

What are your go-to stocking stuffer gifts? We’d love to hear from you. Please share your best outdoor stocking stuffers in the comments below. Thanks for reading!