Coffee is important, especially when you’re camping. It may be the only way to get you out of your sleeping bag on a cool morning. If you’re car camping, that means weight isn’t an issue, so you can bring the good stuff. Here’s one of our favorite ways to make coffee at the campsite.

how to make coffee while campingHow Do You Brew?

There are a million ways to geek out on brewing coffee. When you’re camping, simple is better. That’s why we go for french-press. It’s easy, fast, and makes a great cup of java. And compared to the instant coffee you find in most camp kitchens, french press feels downright luxurious.

The Mug/Press in One

We were stoked when Timolino asked us to take their 20 oz. Vaccuum Coffee Press on our next camping trip. Why? Because it’s a french press AND vacuum mug in one – simple! Just one mug to brew and enjoy, instead of using both a french press to brew and separate mugs to drink your coffee. Plus, its 20 oz. size is perfect for either one coffee addict (guilty!) or for two people who you don’t mind sharing.

What You Need:

How To:

Start boiling your water Pour ~20 oz. of water in your pot and fire it up!

Dump in the coffeePour grounds in mug While your water is heating, remove the lid from your mug and dump in your grounds.

Once water boils, turn off stove & wait 1 minute. Boiling water scorches the coffee, so let it sit for a bit.

Coffee is important,

especially when you’re camping.

Stir up your coffeeAdd water and stir it up. Slowly pour your hot water over the grounds and stir to completely soak the grounds. You can stir with a spoon, camp knife, or a stick you found at your campsite. Let it sit for 3-4 minutes to steep.

Attach the lid, and plunge After waiting 3-4 minutes, attach your lid and and push down plunger, slowwwly. Your camp French press coffee is ready to go. Enjoy your campsite French press coffee!

Bonus points:

Score extra points by pre-warming the press with a little bit of hot water, before you add the dry grounds. This is not required, but it’s a nice touch.

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